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Rainy day OK☆Even beginners can enjoy it easily!
Ishigaki Island's unique craftsmanship experience


If you have come all the way to Ishigaki Island,Things you can do only on Ishigaki IslandIt would be a waste not to experience the

There are many plans that can only be experienced on Ishigaki Island, such as resin art to make the sea you saw in Ishigaki Island into a shape, and a mincer weaving experience using Okinawa's traditional "mincer pattern".

For those who...
◆Those looking for a plan with same-day reservations OK
◆Those looking for tours that children can enjoy together.
◆If you want to bring home what you made in Ishigaki Island
◆For those who want to give a gift to a friend or family member.
Indoor experiences for rainy daysThose looking for

In this article, we would like to introduce some of the tours you can experience on Ishigaki Island, including crafts (handmade experiences).

A traditional experience unique to Okinawa!
Click here for the special feature on experiencing traditional culture (food culture and sanshin)

The appeal of Ishigaki Island's craftsmanship and handmade experiences

I lose track of time and get carried away!
One and only original in the world


Spending a relaxing and calm time in the stylish air-conditioned restaurant is also a special time during your trip to Ishigaki Island.

It is sometimes surprising to have the experience of making something by hand as an adult. Little children paint and make things without hesitation.


Rainy days are OK! It's an indoor experience!


The handmade experience is held indoors, so there is no need to worry about the weather.

In Ishigaki Island trip where the weather is changeable, there are times when the tour you have booked is cancelled and you suddenly have time to spare!

We encourage you to check out our indoor experience (manufacturing experience) plans for such occasions.


No need to bring anything!


You can make reservations the day before or the day of the event to accommodate sudden schedule changes, and the best part isNo need to bring anythingThis is the point!

There is nothing in particular to prepare. Families with children are also welcome to join us♪

Types of craftsmanship and handmade experiences on Ishigaki Island

Accessories using "Mincer pattern


Why don't you make your own sparkling original accessories using natural stones with a "mincer pattern", a traditional culture unique to Ishigaki Island, Okinawa?

Everyone can enjoy this handmade experience, from adults to children, young and old.

Click here ⬇︎ for bracelet making experience

⬇︎ for earring or piercing making experience

Click here for ⬇︎ suncatcher making experience


The sea I saw in Ishigaki Island
Experience the cute "resin art" that's hot right now!


Resin art (also known as "sea art") is an art form characterized by a shiny finish created by pouring a resin called resin solution onto the surface.

You can take home a work of art of the beautiful sea you see in Ishigaki Island. You will be thrilled every time you see it displayed in your home.


Min-sa-weaving experience


Yaeyama Minsa" is a textile made of cotton, plain weave, and produced in Ishigaki City and Taketomi Town, and is now preserved as a traditional handicraft.

The most distinctive feature is the five and four kasuri (patterns), which expresses the wish that the product will "last for ever and ever...". The most important feature of this product is the five and four kasuri patterns.

In the experience plan, you can actually make the one and only Minsa-ori in the world. Beginners are also welcome!


Glass Experience


You can experience creating your own Ryukyu glass, which can only be experienced here.

You can make one-of-a-kind Ryukyu glass made by the traditional air-blown method. Ryukyu glass is made from recycled Awamori bottles and other discarded Ryukyu glass bottles, and glasses are made using the same process as Ryukyu glass that was made in Okinawa in the olden days.

There are many plans to create Ryukyu glass, dragonfly balls, glass seasaur, etc., according to your preference, so why not make memories with your family or as a couple?


Original Shisa Making & Painting Experience


You can easily experience making Shisa, the guardian deity of the house. You can take it home on the same day, so there is no delivery fee.

You can make your one and only original Shisa in the world and display it in your home or give it as a souvenir.

Once you start making them, both adults and children will get absorbed in the fun!

For advance or same-day reservations, please contact Ishigaki Island Tours!

Same-day reservations available on rainy days☆.
Ishigaki Island Craft (Handmade) Experience Tour


Most of Ishigaki Island Tours' Ishigaki Island craftsmanship and handmade experience plans areReservations can be made the day before or the day of the event.It is.

Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure which tour to join, including online and telephone reservations!

New experiences of making things and handmade things in Ishigaki Island

User_yhfu / 30's Posted on 2024-04-13

This is my third visit to Ishigaki Island. This time, I tried to do something I don't usually do and experienced mincer craft. It was fun and deep looking at the simple work! The weather wasn't great, so it was nice to be able to do it indoors!

Read more
User_bpaw / 40s Posted on 2024-04-13

It was a great experience, although I didn't get the force right and the edges were rattled. It was over so quickly, I would like to try a large size next time!

Read more
Mr. Takuya. / 30's Posted on 2024-04-13

There is a Mincer exhibition hall in the museum, where you can learn a lot about the history of the Mincer and other things, and the exhibits were very nice. It was good because I could concentrate mindlessly. It was a good experience!

Read more
User_spyn / 20s Posted on 2024-04-13

I like mincer weaving, so I had a chance to experience it. Thanks to the samples and easy-to-understand explanations, I was able to weave all the way through. It was a very enjoyable time!

Read more
User_nssq / 20s Posted on 2024-04-13

I had never done weaving before and was worried about how it would turn out, but with careful advice I was able to finish it in about 60 minutes. Once I got the rhythm, I was able to finish it with a thump, and it was fun.

Read more
User_oirg / 40s Posted on 2024-04-13

I have always enjoyed handicrafts, but weaving was my first experience. It's fun when you get used to switching tons and tons and tons of steps in your own mind and get into a rhythm!

Read more

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